Supported Living

Supported Living is our model for providing accommodation and support to people who need regular and substantial support.  We provide care for people who are no longer living with their family, or are moving on from a residential care setting.

Supported Living is an alternative to the traditional residential care option and provides more security, rights, choice and control to the individual.  It is the stepping stone between residential care and independent living.

One of the most important elements of Supported Living is that each individual has their own tenancy.  They rent their accommodation from a housing provider, generally the Housing Association.  Supported living allows more freedom to make choices about their day-to-day life.  Having their own tenancy provides opportunities to learn life skills such as budgeting, time management, cooking etc.

An important aspect of Supported Living is that people receive ‘support’ and not ‘care’.  The difference is about empowering the individual to make decisions about their lives, making choices about what they do, where and when they do it, what they eat and how they decorate their rooms etc.  All of the support is provided in a very caring way, so the ‘care’ element is not totally removed.

If required, individuals also get support to arrange their personal care or attend appointments.  A key aspect is that the staff see themselves as supporting the individual in what they want and need rather than ‘caring’ in a more directive way.

As an organisation our sister company Care Ability own housing and would be supportive landlords.  If required Really Flexible Care are registered to offer care and support in the individuals homes.

Really Flexible Care aim is to work with individuals, families and local authorities to provide unique packages to those individuals who have a Learning Disability, Autism Spectrum Disorders and/or challenging behaviour.

Really Flexible Care believe that any individual whatever their needs should be able to live independently and thrive with the appropriate care package in their own homes.

Our Supported Living service is designed to provide a step up or down service for individuals making the transition between fully independent living and residential care.  This helps to build or maintain an individuals level of independence whilst still providing the support, safety and security of a caring and knowledgeable staff team.

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