Really Flexible Care | Staff

Surekha Chouhan is Managing Director. Based in Leicester Surekha has a wealth of diverse experience from Pharmacuticals to Property and has a particular interest in ensuring the individuals that use the service have their diverse range of needs met physically, socially and emotionally through accessing the community and making sure the right services from the community come into really Flexible Care.

They share a value of providing a flexible service that is able to respond to individuals needs, as and when their needs change. Really Flexible Care prides itself in being able to provide an intense level of support when it is needed and a service that is responsive to a reduction in the level of need for support when the person is able. This allows  the individuals to grow and develop at their pace and when they are ready. This “Step up Step Down ” model of care is at the centre of all the services provided by Really Flexible Care whether that be in the Education Department, Short Term Care, Residential Care or Supported Living.

Senior Management 

Our diverse team of registered managers, each of whom has a wealth of experience in health and social care, oversee care and support across our services to ensure high standards are met.


Staff development is a vital part of our care provision and we have a dedicated Training and Support Manager to ensure that our staff team are continually trained and updated to reflect the latest developments in the field.

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